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 Odile of New York City is an eclectic website offering you the latest fashion trends along with timeless classics. 
Odile's first boutique near Florida's famed Safety Harbor Spa enabled her to meet Spa guests from all over the world and even after their departure her clients continued to keep in touch with her knowing that she would always find the latest trends. Her loyal customers could not find unique clothing in their home town and encouraged her to expand her website when she returned to New YorK City.
Back living in New York City, Odile has never been happier or busier as she travels the world, attends fashion shows, color forecast seminars and European trade shows.
Odile is continually finding new fashion trends to share with you and she will continue to offer you the latest and best fashion trends on Odile of New York City's new website. Lisette L, Lauren Vidal and Mycra Pac raincoats are Odile's best sellers.

Odile- Mycra Pac, Lauren Vidal, Lisette, Anu Ligne Clothing, Rain Gear, Raincoats,


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Odile sells Mycra Pac travel and rain wear, Lauren Vidal of Paris clothing and pants and designer jewelry. Licensed retailer for Mycra Pac, Lisette Pants and Lauren Vidal Clothing.